With over fifteen years of experience Andy Kramer Painting has continued to enjoy making a difference with COLOR!! The difference is not just the good attitude and positive energy that comes along with Andy Kramer painting but it’s the straight lines and crack free finish left behind.  We will provide a job that most painting companies can’t provide for you. 


Andy was trained by his father Jack Kramer who is still in the business today from the age of fourteen to twenty one. Eight years ago Andy started his own business and named it “Andy Kramer Painting” which continues to saturate the Northeast side of Columbus and parts of New Albany and Westerville as well.  The business runs strictly on word-of-mouth with no advertising.  “The best way to advertise is by not only a great paint job but by making the customer aware of how important their satisfaction is to me and my business” says Andy.  It’s not hard to excel even in this tough economy if you make people feel comfortable and happy with your service to them.


We don’t want to get in and get out.  Though we are a very efficient company and tend to get jobs done in a reasonably short period of time, our goal is not to get in and get out.  Quality and Safety come before speed with us.  We don’t want to sacrifice the paint job in order to get done quicker.  Though some people are surprised at how fast we can be we still do everything by the book.  The only corners we cut are those between two walls and it’s with a paint brush!!! We will not try to do one less coat than what it calls for. We will not skip over important prep that must be done for a quality long lasting paint job.  We will not skip steps such as sanding caulking and scraping where needed.